High school flashbacks

So, yeah...some people will always resort to high school behavior (i.e.--messing with your car and causing you a costly repair, telling your boyfriend that you are sleeping around ... or both).

Why the need for sabatoge?

Because some people are, at the end of the day, horrible little people.

Well, we probably could have guessed these scores

The Life Experience Test

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Take the test and see how YOU compare

I'm not dead

So I haven't been here in a while, and I thought it might be nice since I'm stuck at home sick today to drop a line online.

For one thing, I just saw a certain singer on an SNL rerun and it was someone I had never heard before. And I thought "Who told that woman she could sing???!?!!" I can honestly say it was the worst I've ever seen on TV. I was just in utter and complete shock. I've met goats that would be more pleasant.

Work sucks. My supervisor retired in April. They got off their asses and hired someone in August. She quit by October. We might not hire anyone else for that position. I'm doing other stuff (unrelated) that is not my job at all and that is well beyond my pay grade. And I have no choice. I tried valiantly all summer to find another job, but that didn't happen. I had several promising interviews that didn't go anywhere. It was quite frustrating. I do want to eventually see a real career counselor, not so much about which career to engage in, but my general problems with the workplace and how I can help myself with some of that.

Dance is good. Went through some personnel changes, but I think things are overall better at this point. Things happen. People change.

Dating is dating. Still dating the same guy although we recently had the first serious spat. Wading out the aftermath of that. Yeah, we'll see.

My candidate won. That's all I'm gonna say about that, because that is one of the reasons I was attempting to avoid LJ a bit. I didn't wanna discuss. I didn't wanna argue. I had some extremely high-running emotions about the whole thing, and I just tried to avoid a lot of the discussions that were happening all around me. I don't mind sharing my personal views if you are curious and want to LISTEN, but I'm NOT getting into a verbal death match with anyone about it, or answering questions that are, quite frankly, accusatory in nature. I'm just not. I didn't do it to anyone who voted for the other guy, so I expect the same respect.

I'm going to nyquil up and go back to bed soon.

And Suddenly There Was Ahmed

So, this guy has been digging on me for a while now. My birthday, he danced with me and my friends all night because he happened to be in the same bar. A couple of Fridays ago, he asked to sit with me in the cafeteria, as he has done before. He asked me out again. In a rather "What the hell, I give up" kind of mood I said yes. We've been seeing each other the past week or so. Some points of interests to be aware of:

1. Yes, Ahmed. From Morocco. Over there.
2. Works at MCG. resident finishing up there.
3. Muslim, but a backslider. A drinking, sex-with-white-chicks, divorced-a-jewish-girl, serious backslider.
4. American Citizen
5. 42 yrs old
6. Republican. (this is actually one of my largest concerns and sticking points. That always turns me off. He is however pro-choice.)

So, sometimes he comes up with odd sweeping generalizations about Americans in his Moroccan French/Arabic twist of an accent: "All de people with tattoos... dey are all pro-shoice" and I have to correct him and explain that isn't the case. I don't know where they come from, these ideas of his. I tried to explain to him last night that the hardest working people in America don't always arrive at wealth, but convincing a successful immigrant of this is damn near to impossible.

The first date was stupidly romantic, and if an American man had attempted to be that romantic I would have possibly called him a girl and gone home to watch TV. American men are not much for drinks under the stars at restaurants with fountains without some kind of juvenile behavior tossed in.

He doesn't like scary movies. Or Sci Fi. He gives me an odd look when I talk about it. "Noooo. I don't like de creepy movies". Don't know how to explain Goth, alternative, and a thousand other things to him. Things that would be a big "keep out" sign if he was an American man.

I can't begin to explain myself, because somehow there just is no equivalent for him. The harsh flourescent bulb that illuminates my universe does not exist in Morocco.

My lifestyle, who I am, my subculture is somehow lost in the translation between us. I don't know--maybe a trip to hot topic? We dressed in black for the FF gig recently, but he had a tough call night and didn't meet up with me in time.

Is this a train wreck? Almost certainly. Mom and Dad are not aware of this situation at all. Dad will be angry he isn't white or at least Native American or Hispanic. Mom will be angry he isn't protestant. If any of you care to toss advice my way, please feel free.

My brain...

I've been living a pretty interior life lately. I just have been keeping most thoughts to myself. There seems to be a lot I SHOULD be doing, but I've been mostly keeping to myself and focusing inward.

She's 21 today

Tonight at 12:00 Katie turned 21.

Wow. I ended up DDing although I had no intention of doing so. So much seems to have happened since I was that age. Kids now seem so much more irresponsible than I was back then. I did stupid stuff, don't get me wrong, and still occasionally do, but Jesus Christ. I am not blaming particulars, as I see this as generational in all honesty. People at 21 now seem so much more irresponsible.

But you do only turn 21 once. And I understand it. But often it strikes me how differently I see life than others do. To have been so stupid and so drunk so often at that age, its amazing how cautious I really was compared to these kids.

Maybe its just Britney Spears.

Where did the time go? Now she fronts a punk band and everyone knows her. Kids that don't know her hear her music on myspace and turn into fanboys when they meet her.

story of the day...

One of my classmates from high school apparently recently got divorced. Reliable sources informed me that he put his wife through college and then the day after she was finished, she packed up her stuff and left while he was out.

That sucks. He's a nice guy, many good qualities. Although he and I were never attracted to one another per se, we did have a mutual respect for one another. I feel kind of bad for him, actually.

Food history

I'm reading a sociology textbook (yes, for fun. Send the geek girl crown to my home address) Here's an interesting quote

"In rocky northern Scotland, for example, people depended on oatmeal, which they often ate half-cooked so it would swell in thier stomachs and make them feel full."

Interesting stuff. Wonder if I could write a diet book on that?